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Elf change job to Templar Rohan Online

Rohan online is one of the great online game so far and have a lot of quest mainly changing class from a normal elf class to a 2nd class templar.
This tutorial will help you change class from elf to templar with pictures so that you will not get lost.
First you will need:
10 melodic sea portal
10 orc fortress portal
10 vena portal stone
10 limestone  foothill
Then first go use at vena portal stone then go at viviana nadiv then go use your melodic sea portal stone when you reach it you must talk to pasalina

Then you will use orc fortress portal stone then talk to riphalia then consult her.
And then use dragon portal stone to talk to guliermo.
Then go back  to viviana nadiv and consult her.
Next she will ask you to consult to larciss (larciss is inside of luake monestary).
Then go to armana manor(you may use gathering hall TH or orc fortress)then keep going strait until you reach the chest  where theres a boss guarding the chest try your best to get the item in tha chest even that he will try to kill you before he kills you must open the chest.
Return to viviana nadiv.
Tele to limestone foothill and go until the edge of the river here’s the map there is where you will find the amazon king and her minions.
After you kill them return to viviana nadiv.
Then go to goddess Fountain you must find the chest when you open it theres a mob will come out kill it then you will obtain the quest Item.
Return to viviana nadiv then she will give you a mace to kill the last boss at 2nd floor of crystal quarry(keep it because when you reach the boss use it because it have magic armor your magic’s will have damage 41 but when you hit the boss with the mace it will damage it 100+)the boss name is kaidarr.
Crystal Quarry Map lvl 1
And this is the  2nd lvl of Crystal Quarry (map)

After you killed the last boss go back at viviana nadiv

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